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ERJ190 Air Hamburg
Air Hamburg got since 2010 from 2 C172 to almost 30 Embraer... Embraer uses the good Aluminium in fuselage... It is time to clean all those Carnival horrible mix liveries down... wash them out, make all planes alu polished as once American Airlines was and make a simple Corporate Identity Mark in all planes, 1. it is better advertisement strong character anyone recognizes 2. an Embraer requires some 200 litres of paint, this is an unnecessary cost per flight, less is more and gives more box office. 3. all today brasil paint graphics are horrible... it is not like the elegant transbrasil, cruzeiro and vasp of past, see how ugly is azul, gol and itapemirim... just a hint... see how beautiful a lufthansa livery is ... we all know the Designers of Interior of Embraer are not good enough... old fashioned with those blacks things and wood, but see how a sci-fi approach gives soft appearance for what flies, not heavy ... never flown a jet embraer, just EMB110 Bandeirante of Sudene between Recife and interior of pernambuco... but think it is ok the Emirates B777 to Dubai Resort, ... those women on board with too much make-up, are a bit noisy, who insist us to close the curtain and not leaving us to see the skies, stars, comets, galaxies all night and hit by sun... do not like wood in vehicles... did not went to hanseyachts in greifswald because they use teak on sail boats furniture and this kill trees... so an aluminium polished livery & its almost all white interior !