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2021 GM CheBuiCad ! 🦋 εїз

It is Time to GM Review the Logos

As soon as for 2030 all Chevys Caddy & Buiqs be Electriq

And They killed beauty Logos, like the 1960 Oldsmobile Rocket, The Pontiac V and The Saturn Planet

And As The Called ‘Bow Tie’, is not really like a Bow Tie, seems more a Crux, it would change it for a Similar Butterfly One

If 2030 is EV Environmental friendly, the Hotel Wall Paper Of Room Got Old too

Do not know yet if would kill the Words ‘Chevrolet’, ‘Cadillac’ and ‘Buick’ and the Logos too, Probably Yes

Instead would do all electric GM BUTTERFLY, new Brand worldwide, rejointing the Brands in only 1, because Trend is so … and cars are too few in each, so about cost would reduce all, there is no sense in having in USA 6 SUVs that more or less are the same… so too similar SUVs in 3 Brands under same GM, would reduce this

Chevrolet reminds me Ancient, not futuristic, a French name of 1910 with Combustion Motors

Same as to Rolls Royce… a RR is something Precise Combustion Motor, Do not Know if RR Spectre fits…

So maybe would rebirth the most beautiful GM Logo, which was the 1960 Oldsmobile Rocket

Indeed the Lorem Ipsum seems interesting, two faces kissing in profile silhouette like a Butterfly… would go for something futuristic… have to design…

The New Trademarked Company is CHEBUICAD, ™ , ®, © The GM Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, GMC Integrated Co.

The Logo is Glow Butterfly Faces Kissing GM In Mind !